Bowling Accessories.

Great range of bowls accessories and new items being added to the range week by week.

Lawn Bowls Mats

Lawn bowls Mats. Tough rubber mats used for flat green bowling and can be used both indoors and out.

Bowls Clock

Smashing bowls clock for a present. Great looking clock and it does keep the time.

Henselite Baseball cap

Henselite baseball cap for the lawn bowlers that like a touch of class. Red and Black and one size fits all as it is adjustable.

Waterproof Bowling Hats

Waterproof bowling hats. Fully waterproof and adjustable hats will keep you dry in wet condtions. Male and Female.

Lawn Bowls mat

Tough and durable lawn bowls mat.

Lawn Bowls White jacks

Flat green bowling jacks made by Drakes Pride to very hight standards and you can be sure this product top quality.

Lawn Bowls Score Board

Lawn bowls upright score board with numbers. Fantastic quality and comes with spikes for securing to the ground.

Gadd Lawn Bowls tape measure

Gadd 30 meter bowls tape measure. High end construction for measuring those long distances. No brake on this tape but it runs smoothly.

Lawn Bowls Microfibre Cloth

Novelty microfibre lawn bowls cleaning and polishing cloths.Superb absorption and cleaning abilities.

Bowls and jack lifter

Great bowls and jack lifter that will fold down to a small size for easy storage. Very strong and extremly lightweight.

Drakes Pride Bowls lifter

Superb Bowls Lifter
This bowls lifter is made with aircraft aluminium that is super strong and  lightweight and easy to use. A great tool for those that have difficulty in bending down.

Lawn Bowls Chamios Cloth

Great for drying bowls or wetting bowls for a grip.  Comes in container so you can keep the cloth moist. Great addition to your lawn bowls kit.

Bowls score card holder

Lawn bowls score card holder.This handy wallet size folds out so you can easily mark the scores and it fits neatly back into your pocket. Card fits into straps and top and bottom.

Bowls get a grip cloth

Bowls Get a Grip cloth. Will vastly improve your grip and stop you straining to hold the bowl.

Grippo Bowls Polish

Grippo from Henselite is great for giving a good grip on the bowls. Does not become sticky on hands.

5 Tubes of Grippo

5 tubes of Grippo.

Bowls drying cloth

Micro fibre bowls cloth for cleaning and drying lawn bowls. Will leave bowls dry and a wipe.

Bowls Polishing cloth pack of 3

Bowling polishing cloth, microfibre .Revolutionary new cloth removes dirt and grease.No chemicals involoved. Pack of 3

Bowling towel with retractable reel

Superb microfibre towel with retracting reel so you have the towel close at hand.

Bowling Hip Bag

Hip bag in white for use during bowling games for holding accessories.

Midge and Mosquito nets

Fantastic midge and mosquito nets to keep the midges away when playing bowls..One size.


 Coated leather belts with detachable buckles. DIfferent sizes just type in your waist size

Midge Repellent

Treck 50 midge repel in 2 sizes. Contains 50% deep that is a very effective midge repellant.

Bowling socks black

Black bowling socks with Merino wool. Superb socks that will keep your feet fresh and comfortable.

Bowls supa measure tape

Drakes pride bowls measure. Smooth action with string measure and callipers.

Bowls wedges

set of 4 wedges for holding bowls steady