Taylor Ace bowls Pro Grip

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The Taylor ACE is one of the most popular bowls in the UK. A mid bias bowl for lawn bowls and indoor use. Great quality from Taylor.

Taylor Ace Lawn Bowls.

The Taylor ACE bowl is a great choice for indoor and outdoor and can be use for front or back end play. This is a great all round  lawn bowl.The  Ace is a strong choice with many professionals in the game past and present.It has a wider arc than the Vector but does not have a hook finish. This makes it a fantastic
choice for new players.As described above this bowl can be use in any position and is a reliable bowl that will give consistent results and will allow for some mistakes to be corrected.

  • Polygrip as standard.
  • Different emblems available.
  • Mid bias heavyweight bowl.
  • Tel 0141 353 3788 TO CHECK STOCK.
  • Note 2021 models will be £289 and 2022 models will be £310

Taylor Ace Coloured | Great All-rounder.

The  Ace lawn Bowls have a wider bias than  Vector Bowls and are great for bowlers that want a more controlled  arc to the jack.One of the most popular bowls on the market.  Good for indoors and outdoors and suitable for third or skips for indoors or  the lead for heavy outdoors.  This is a great all round bowl.Note the Progrip and Half-Pipe grip are standard. Other grips such as the crescent and premier are special orders and cost £30.
Emblems are randomly picked from out list of emblems and could be different from emblem shown.

  • Heavyweight only.
  • Black only.
  • Size:  00-5
  • One of the most popular bowls on the market.
  • 15 year guarantee.