Grippo Bowls Polish

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Grippo from Henselite is great for giving a good grip on the bowls. Does not become sticky on hands.

Henselite Grippo Bowls Polish.

 Bowls Grippo by Henselite This is the largest and most successful bowls polish on the market today and possible the world.This will give a fantastic grip while polishing the bowls.Simple to use just put a small amount of bowls and rub in to dry and polish off. This will leave a smooth surface that will improve your grip.It is safe and does not leave a sticky residue on the hands. You will be amazed that you ever managed to get by without this formula.

  • Will polish bowls and give a great grip.
  • Will not be sticky on hands.
  • Easy to use with screw cap.
  • Only needs a small amount on bowls.
  • Most popular bowls polish.