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The Taylor Blaze is one of the latest styles introduced by Taylor. It is a great selling bowl and popular with experience and novice bowlers as it has been  endorsed by professional bowlers.

So what are the benefits of the Taylor Blaze ?

 Well for starters  It has been designed with the help of professional bowlers and their input  has helped to make this one of the best sellers of our range.These top bowlers are A. Thomson a well know name in the world of bowling and one of the greats. Another great bowler David Gourlay when in  Australia 2005-2009  played and coached before returning to Scotland.  Both have both played with these bowls and put their name to this winner.Gourlay and Thomson did extensive research before committing the input to make this a superb design..

What do want from Blaze Bowls and what to expect.

 The Taylor Blaze bowl is an all-rounder that can be used both indoor bowls and outdoors.We recommend using this bowl for lead or number two.  Another great feature is the slim diameter that allows a comfortable grip when playing.It also comes with the premier grip which is the dimples and gives bowlers a good firm grip that gives good control of the aim. The Blaze is in-between the Ace and the Vector VS in terms of bias.

Modern Look

The Blaze has a modern look to it and comes in many colours such as red, maroon red , blue,yellow, dark blue, lime green white with speckle and many others -see the colour range. It can also be made to your own design with different emblems but this will take from 4 to 7 weeks.