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Drakes Pride  Pro 50 bowl with new grips. These Grips  will give a much more controlled delivery. This is the way to go for greater accuracy.

Drakes Pride Pro 50.

The Drakes Pride PRO-50 is same in performance as the Professional model, the only difference is the new channel grip, this grip is superior to most other grips. other currently offered. This grip quite literally creates two deep channels in the bowl which have been found to help many players improve control over their bowl during delivery and in many cases have even enabled players to comfortably deliver a larger size bowl than they usually could.With identical performance to the Professional model, which has been the most popular model for many years, the PRO-50 is a well balanced bowl, can be used out or indoors. The Pro 50 has now overtaken the Professional model as it gives more options with the grip.

Drakes Pride Pro 50 Bias.

The Drakes Pride PRO-50  has the same bias and line to the jack as the  Professional bowl. The only difference is the grip. So no need to worry about it being a different line. Those used to the Profession can easily transfer to the new grip. Other manufactures are now using this type of grip.

Improved Grip |2 Channels.

This grip consists of 2 channels on the bowl and gives incredible grip and many players had reported that it improves the grip and delivery. It has in some players allowed them to increase the size of bowl they use.


Performance is exactly the same as the Professional model,one of the best selling bowls in the world.This bowl  will give extra grip and can be use both indoors and outdoors. The professional model will continue to be popular but the new channel grip will give better handling.

  • Better Grip.
  • Top Performance Bowl.
  • 2 channels.
  • Various  colours. 
  • Heavy weight.
  • Call 0141 353 3788 for more information.

Drakes Pride Pro 50 Lawn Bowl.



Drakes Pride Pro 50 Size 00

Drakes Pride Pro 50 Size 0

Drakes Pride Pro 50 Size 1

Drakes Pride Pro 50 Size 2

Drakes Pride Pro 50 Size 3

Drakes Pride Pro 50 Size 4

The Drakes Pride Pro 50 Bowl With Improved Grip.

The Drakes Pride PRO-50 is the same in every way to the popular Professional model, but has a grip that is called the channel. This grip gives more
control over the grip of the bowl. I have tested this bowl and found it gives a better grip than a dimple bowl and will improve the aim of the bowler.
Because the finger and thumb are deeper into the bowl some bowlers take a larger size.
This bowl is fast becoming a best seller and is overtaking the professional in amount of sales.

  • Same Bias as the Professional Model.
  • Improved grip and aim.
  • Many colours to choose from.
  • In some cases a larger size can be used.
  • Great line to the jack.
  • 2 channel grips for finger and thumb.