Vector VS Bowl

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Taylor bowls Vector VS for lawn and indoor bowls.Tremendous and popular bowl the VS  is superb bowl for all indoor surfaces.

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Vector VS bowls from Taylor.

 The  Vector VS Bowl is one of  best selling bowls for indoor rinks in the UK. With its narrow draw that is a little more than than the Lazer, it is great for fast surfaces and indoors.It has a very clean smooth draw to the jack with no hook finish.

  • Sizes 00 to 5, Medium, Heavy, and Extra heavy weight.
  • No Extra heavy weight in size 5 or size 00 Medium.
  • Dimple and plain grip. Note plain grip must be ordered  tel 0141 353 3788
  • Available in a range of colours.
  • PLEASE TEL 0141 353 3788 TO CHECK STOCK